Zallaq Retail

A key retail plaza in Zallaq area that includes the popular Gravity Indoor Skydiving place.

Size: Small

  • Classification: Strip Mall
  • Gross Leasing Area: 2,224 m2
  • Area: Zallaq
  • Address: Block No. 1056

Sultan Mall

Sultan Mall is located in Zayed Town area and has shopping, leisure, restaurants and services all under one roof.

  • Size: Small
  • Classification: Neighborhood Centre
  • Gross Leasing rea: 6,550 m2
  • Area: Zayed Town
  • Address: Building 121, Road 20, Block 720, Zayed Town, Bahrain

The Lagoon

The one-kilometre long waterside destination has been inspired by lively cultural centres like London’s Covent Garden and Cockle Wharf in Sydney. The Lagoon is located at the heart of Amwaj Islands, offers indoor and outdoor entertainment, retail therapy, cultural events, café life and much more.

  • Size: Medium
  • Classification: Community Centre
  • Gross Leasing Area: 35,089 m2
  • Area: Amwaj
  • Address: Building No. 2648, Road No. 5720, Block No. 257

The Courtyard

A new retail destination in Seef District, the Courtyard offers several high-quality food & beverages options.

  • Size: Small
  • Classification: Strip Mall
  • Gross Leasing Area: 2,988 m2
  • Area: Seef
  • Address: Block No. 428

The Center (Al Alawi Center)

The Centre at Nwaidrat, an all in one shopping destination with a wide range of brands from across the world. It has food court and Jawad Supermarket too.

  • Size: Small
  • Classification: Neighborhood Centre
  • Gross Leasing Area: 6,324 m2
  • Area: Nuwaidrat
  • Address: Building No. 2557, Road No. 66, Block No. 646

Tala Plaza

With a wonderful architecture, Tala Plaza offers a vibrant shopping experience to families with several high-quality F&B options.

  • Size: Small
  • Classification: Neighborhood Centre
  • Gross Leasing Area: 3,495 m2
  • Area: Bu Asheera
  • Address: Building No. 142, Road No. 28, Block No. 328

Sitra Mall

The sea front Sitra Mall has a three storey building complex. It is located near to Tubli Bay and close to Al Noor International School and a Toyota/Lexus car showroom. The mall can hold up to 118 outlets.

  • Size: Small
  • Classification: Neighborhood Centre
  • Gross Leasing Area: 3,717 m2
  • Area: Sitra
  • Address: Building No. 574, Road No. 31, Block No. 611

Seef Muharraq

Bahrain residents now have their own waterfront shopping destination of Seef Mall Muharraq. The mall has a Geant hypermarket, 132 stores, a 14-theatre Cineplex with an IMAX and a 7 Star theatre, a food court and a Magic Island family entertainment centre. Visitors to the mall have access to a wide-range of brands, dining options and ample amount of undercover parking. The unique location overlooking the waterfront and Arad Fort adds to the whole shopping experience.

  • Size: Large
  • Classification: Regional Mall
  • Gross Leasing Area: 71,589 m2
  • Area: Arad
  • Address: Building No. 154, Road No. 29, Block No. 240

Seef Mall

Seef Mall is the second largest mall located in the Seef district, Manama . The Seef Mall is directly connected to Fraser Suites at the other end of the mall and close to the Al Aali Shopping Complex. Seef Mall is the heart and soul of Seef district and dominates the retail sector with its distinctive architecture and atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. Magic Island, the largest indoor play area located on the first floor.

  • Size: Large
  • Size Classification: Super Regional Mall
  • Gross Leasing Area: 76,536 m2
  • Area: Manama
  • Address: Building No. 2102, Road No. 2825, Block No. 428

Seef Isa Town

Seef Mall Isa town is located in Isa Town and it was one of the Bahrain’s first modern Malls. The mall is positioned as the leading family destination for shopping and entertainment in the Kingdom.

  • Size: Small
  • Classification: Neighborhood Centre
  • Gross Leasing Area: 5,556 m2
  • Area: Isa Town
  • Address: Building No. 3156, Road No. 1012, Block No. 810