Canal View

Canal View is located in Dilmunia Island in Muharraq and has been developed over an area of 13,068 square metres.  The luxurious property is walking distance from Dilmunia mall, located in proximity to Bahrain’s main arterial roads, social infrastructure and the main airport.

The mixed use developments consists of 246 high end studio, 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed apartments including private gardens and approximately 35 retail and F&B outlets. Located on the most dramatic stretches of Dilmunia, this is canal-side living at its finest. In the heart of Dilmunia, the residences at Canal View are set in beautifully landscaped gardens, next to a sweeping canal promenade. Residents can also enjoy the benefits of an exclusive private club, incorporating a range of sporting and entertainment facilities. Dilmunia canal living does not get more sophisticated than this.

Canal View is nestled within The spectacular 1.6 km canal with dual pedestrian access which provides ideal spaces for retail and F&B outlets. Canal View is also a uniquely designed complex that features a breathtaking public park across the canal’s footbridge. Other iconic installations include distinctive water features such as the waterfall footpath and fountain system.

Canal View’s lifestyle features fountains as well as a main waterfall feature. An indoor pool, an outdoor pool, gym facilities, multi-sport court and club/ lounge facilities all set within the complex. Adding to the amenities, Canal View offers rooftop garden shaded space, kitchen BBQ facilities and 17 unique apartments with private garden space.

For resident-owners, investing with Canal View offers much more than the brick and mortar space that is defined by the boundary of a single apartment, it provides unlimited access to a lifestyle of luxury.


  • Owner: Naseej BSC
  • Developer: Canal View Development Company
  • Value: BD 25m
  • Status: Piling contract awarded and piling works to start shortly, full construction works expected to begin in early September 2017.
  • Type of developments (with details): (residential? Hotels? Commercial? Etc…): Mixed use development includes two hundred and forty six high-end residential apartments including studio, one bed, two bed, three bed and four bed apartments and apartments with private gardens.  The project also includes approximately 35 high-end retail and F&B outlets.Each of the four towers includes private rooftop gardens for the tenants and their guests, fitted with BBQ areas, kitchens and other facilities.Residents will have access to a fully fitted gym and shower facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, and multi-purpose court.


The biggest IKEA store in the GCC with a built-up area in excess of 30,000 sqm


  • Owner: IKEA Saudi
  • Developer: IKEA Saudi
  • Value: BD 47 mn
  • Status: Under construction
  • Area: 45,000 sqm
  • Purpose: Enhance the tourism infrastructure in the Kingdom and support the national economy
  • Type of Developments (with details) : ( residential? Hotels? Commercial? Etc…): Retail
  • Upcoming developments/ expansions: N/A
  • Any other information you find relevant for Investors: N/A
  • High resolution images of existing project and upcoming project (CGI drawings): N/A

Plaza Hotel

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Speciality: Urban
  • No. of keys: 62 Keys
  • Area: Al-Qudaibiya
  • Address: Building No. 481, Road No. 333, Block No. 308

Palm Suite Apartments

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Type: Local
  • Operator name: Palm Suite Apartments
  • No. of Keys: 29
  • No. of Employees: 5 Employees
  • Registration Date: 26/6/1983
  • Area: Al-Hoora
  • Address: Building No. 410, Road No. 1912, Block No. 319

Pearl Bahrain Suites

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Type: Local
  • Operator name: Pearl Bahrain Suites
  • No. of Keys: 94
  • No. of Employees: 7 Employees
  • Registration Date: 3/11/2010
  • Area: Juffair
  • Address: Building No. 1020, Road No. 2417, Block No. 324

Ramee Suites – 3

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Type: International
  • Operator name: Ramee Group
  • No. of Keys: 64
  • No. of Employees: 10 Employees
  • Registration Date: 28/10/2009
  • Area: Al-Hoora
  • Address: Building No. 382, Road No. 2011, Block No. 320

Ramya Plaza

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Type: Local
  • Operator name: Ramya Plaza
  • No. of Keys: 30
  • No. of Employees: 7 Employees
  • Registration Date: 10/6/2012
  • Area: Al-Hoora
  • Address: Building No. 225, Road No. 2006, Block No. 320

Sun Shine Tower

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Type: Local
  • Operator name: Sun Shine Tower
  • No. of Keys: 16
  • No. of Employees: 7 Employees
  • Registration Date: 4/2/2008
  • Area: Al-Hoora
  • Address: Building No. 92, Road No. 2003, Block No. 320

Al Faris Suite-1

  • Rating: 2 Stars
  • Type: Local
  • Operator name: Al Faris Suite-2
  • No. of Keys: 46
  • No. of Employees: 0 Employees
  • Registration Date: 30/1/2006
  • Area: Al-Fateh
  • Address: Building No. 4933, Road No. 2466, Block No. 324

Juffair Pearl Hotel Apartments

  • Rating: 2 Stars
  • Type: Local
  • Operator name: Juffair Pearl Hotel Apartments
  • No. of Keys: 44
  • No. of Employees: 9 Employees
  • Registration Date: 15/9/2009
  • Area: Al-Fateh
  • Address: Building No. 684, Road No. 2411, Block No. 324